4. Selecting the early support interventions

One approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the available interventions is to focus on interventions that have already been implemented. In January 2014, a meeting of the Parent Support Network at the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities agreed to begin collecting information on interventions already in use in Finland. The group is convened by ITLA (the Finnish Independence Centenary Children’s Fund). In the initial stages, the group’s work was financially supported by ITLA, the Finnish Association for Mental Health, the Central Union for Child Welfare and the Onni & Helmi Kartunen Foundation.

The working party selected a total of 12 interventions designed to represent a comprehensive range of methods offering different levels of support for families. The interventions chosen are listed below. All 12 are currently in use in Finland.

  1. Home Instruction Program for Preschool Children (HIPPY)
  2. The Incredible Years programme
  3. International Child Development Programme (ICDP)
  4. Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT)
  5. The Back to Work After Parental Leave method
  6. The Hold Tight method
  7. The Children and Families method (TLP)
  8. The Trappan method
  9. The Empowering Parenting model
  10. Supporting Early Interaction
  11. The Buttercups Peer Support method
  12. The Strongest Families programme

The working group comprised: Maarit Andersson, Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters; Jessika Gustafsson, Nordic Welfare Centre; Jukka Huttunen, University of Turku; Mirjam Kalland, University of Helsinki; Petra Kouvonen, ITLA; Mia Montonen, FSKC; Aila Puustinen-Korhonen, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities; Johanna Sallinen, Folkhälsan; Päivi Santalahti, National Institute for Health and Welfare; Tytti Solantaus, Finnish Association for Mental Health/National Institute for Health and Welfare; Salla Toppinen-Tanner, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health; Kristian Wahlbeck, Finnish Association for Mental Health; Petra Ziliacus, City of Parainen; Katja Björklund, ITLA/Finnish Association for Mental Health.

Since 2015, the interventions have been chosen by the Early Intervention editorial team and the Scientific Council (see Chapter 5, Ensuring continuity of parenting support interventions)